To make premium travel and accessory sailcloth bags you need to use the very best sailcloth and materials available, and that's just what we did. We spent a great deal of time researching, testing, and choosing the materials that we use in our products and, because we're so confident in how we've designed and manufactured our bags, each one comes with a full lifetime warranty.


All True Wind travel and accessory bags are made exclusively with new Dacron® sailcloth custom-woven in the USA. We could have used recycled sailcloth, but by using only new sailcloth we're better able to control the overall quality of the fabric including its color, weave and finish. Besides, for the same reasons a sailor would discard an old and used sail (e.g., mildewed, ripped, stained, broken stitches, etc.), we don't believe using recycled cloth is appropriate for a premium product such as ours.

Strong, durable, and resistant to sunlight, abrasion, and water, Dacron® sailcloth is an ideal fabric for soft-sided bags. We are, in fact, the only sailcloth bag manufacturer that uses such high quality sailcloth. Others use sailcloth they claim is Dacron®, but one can never be certain as to its make and quality.

Crisp and bright in texture and appearance, please know that the new Dacron® sailcloth in your bag will take on a patina over time and soften with use.

Nylon Fabric

The durable, colorful nylon fabric that we use on the outside of each bag, and for the inside liner, has been treated with a water repellent coating which helps keep contents dry and protected. The nylon is colorfast, which means you can machine wash (gentle cycle, cold water) our bags and the colors won't run or fade.


The trigger snaps, D-rings, and sliders are all solid brass and coated with a nickel finish, which means they will never rust or corrode in the weather.


Our bags feature YKK® self-repairing nylon coil zippers. Because they are nylon coil, they will never rust or corrode in the weather.

Rope and Webbing

The nylon braided rope used for zipper pulls and drawstrings is marine-grade, as is the nylon webbing, which is used for all handles and shoulder straps.

Thread and Stitching

We use the same nylon thread that is used in sailmaking, and all of the seams are either double or triple stitched for added strength. The zigzag stitching found on our bags is the traditional type of stitch that is used to make sails.

Bottom Panel Insert

In some of our bags there is an insert sewn into the bottom panel. This insert provides added strength, protection and rigidity to the bag and is made out of material that will never deteriorate, mildew or corrode. Bags which contain the bottom panel insert can be machine washed.

To learn more about the materials we use, please contact us.